Honeylion: The Story of Samson

Honeylion: The Story of Samson

Honeylion: The Story of Samson


“Out of the eater came something to eat, out of the strong came something sweet.” -Samson

Music has always been a great part of my life and it now fills my mind with endless memories. It is incredible how quickly a song can trigger our mind to roll back into the past and relive a moment. Just as a poet shares his feelings through written words, an instrumental song can also share the artist’s feelings through melodies and rhythms. Two incredible things inspired me to start working on this project: a conversation with Bono, and the story of Samson.

A Conversation With Bono

I met Bono several years ago and was fortunate enough to have a conversation with him. We mostly talked about music and how much of an inspiration he had been to me. I must admit, I was star struck and the moment felt as if it had lasted several hours, but reality then set in and Bono left me with his words of wisdom: “Always keep the wheels on the bus rolling.” His words inspired me to never give up chasing my dream; I knew it wouldn’t have been an easy road but was convinced I would reach my destination.

Not long after, my band mates and I were selected to perform as the opening act for Bon Jovi. The path was set and the bus was rolling smoothly. It was actually rolling pretty fast and as my band mates and I were captivated by the blurring scenery around us, we lost track of who we were and what our dream had been.

After 11 years of chasing my dream I realized that it wasn’t about reaching a destination; the dream had been with us all along: we had a bond, we had friendship, we shared our most intimate stories together, we had trust, we had music, and we had become a family. This awakening inspired me and made me realize how music is just a different rendition of love; It’s not about fame and fortune or anything else the industry portrayed it to be. Music brought us together.

The Story of Samson

I then came across the story of Samson and words couldn’t have described how deeply it had captivated me; I read the story over and over again until it sank deep into my soul and inspired me to compose a poetic album musically illustrating Samson’s life. Why poetic? I wanted to keep it simple and beautiful, and as simple words carefully crafted together can create great emotional repercussions, I believed musical notes carefully crafted into melodies and rhythms also had the same emotional repercussions. 12 instrumental songs were finally composed each representing a chapter in Samson’s life, and as a reader reads a poem with his own voice, musicians can perform these poetic songs in their own style and sound.

01 – The Boy’s Rule of Life (03:09)

JUDGES 13.1 – 13.25 [View TAB]

02 – The Carcass of the Lion (03:20)

JUDGES 14.1 – 14.9 [View TAB]

03 – Honeylion (02:54)

JUDGES 14.10 – 14.14 [View TAB]

04 – In Hot Anger (02:47)

JUDGES 14.15 – 14.20 [View TAB]

05 – Without Blame (03:14)

JUDGES 15.1 – 15.8 [View TAB]

06 – Jawbone (03:11)

JUDGES 15.9 – 15.20 [View TAB]

07 – In the Valley (02:57)

JUDGES 16.1 – 16.5 [View TAB]

08 – Anyone Else (03:06)

JUDGES 16.6 – 16.17 [View TAB]

09 – Seven Locks (02:11)

JUDGES 16.18 – 16.22 [View TAB]

10 – Between the Pillars (02:03)

JUDGES 16.23 – 16.28 [View TAB]

11 – All His Might (02:13)

JUDGES 16.29 – 16.30 [View TAB]

12 – In the Tomb (02:33)

JUDGES 16.31 [View TAB]

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