III The Empress, מ Mem and the 14th Path

III The Empress, מ Mem and the 14th Path

My personal interpretation of "III The Empress" Major Arcana Tarot card, the Hebrew letter "מ Mem" and the "14th Path" of the Kabbalah (the Tree of Life). Based on several meditation & contemplation sessions and Divine messages received.

III The Empress

The Creator, the Nurturer and the Protector.

    • The Creator as a mother giving birth to her child;
    • The Nurturer as a mother nurturing her child;
    • The Protector as a mother protecting her child.
  • Unconditional Love, Passionate Love, Creative Love, Divine Love and Human Love;
  • Selflessness and the forgiveness of self and others;
  • Peace and serenity is attained by the enlightened Empress.

מ Mem

The substance of mother earth.

  • Love flowing like water and the 13 aspects of compassion:
    • Normative Mem (מ) - Running bodies of water (springs, rivers and streams);
    • Final Mem (ם) - Closed bodies of water (oceans, lakes and pounds).
  • Life, birth and cycle:
    • 9 months of pregnancy which are 40 weeks (the numerical value of Mem);
    • Life begins in a womb of water.
  • Mem is composed of Vav (V The Hierophant) and Kaf (X The Wheel of Fortune):
    • Nurturing (Mem) others (Vav) so they can be prepared (Kaf) - "luck" only favours the well prepared.
  • Enjoying the present moment as it is gone tomorrow;
  • Placing other's needs before your own.

The 14th Path: Binah to Chokmah in the world of Beriah

King of Cups, II of Cups, III The Empress, III of Cups, Queen of Cups.

A beautiful balance of Divine Masculine & Feminine energies.

You are filled with an emotional desire to nurture the physical realm with Divine Love and an abundance of creative energy received from the Divine. Remain honest and loving while always maintaining healthy boundaries and you shall certainly manifest Human Love unto the physical realm.

III The Empress, מ Mem and the 14th Path
Kabbalah: The 14th Path

Binah - Understanding:

  • All Queens;
  • 3 of Wands: Leadership;
  • 3 of Cups: Abundance;
  • 3 of Swords: Grief;
  • 3 of Pentacles: Work;
  • The Left Pillar - The Pillar of Severity: Divine Feminine, Negative (magnetic term) and Receptive;
  • The world of Beriah: Accessed through meditation, the world of Creation and the element of Water.

Chokmah - Wisdom:

  • All Kings;
  • 2 of Wands: Dominion;
  • 2 of Cups: Partnership;
  • 2 of Swords: Diplomacy;
  • 2 of Pentacles: Balance;
  • The Right Pillar - The Pillar of Mercy: Divine Masculine, Positive (magnetic term) and Projective;
  • The world of Beriah: Accessed through meditation, the world of Creation and the element of Water.

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Light & Love,
David Lacopo.
My Spiritual Path: https://livingwithinyourself.com/spiritual-path/

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