Tarot, Hebrew Letters & Kabbalah

Tarot, Hebrew Letters & Kabbalah

My personal associations of the Major Arcana Tarot Cards, Hebrew Letters and the Paths of the Kabbalah (the Tree of Life). Based on several meditation & contemplation sessions and Divine messages received.

My Personal Associations

The Paths of the KabbalahHebrew Letters and Numerical ValuesMajor Arcana Tarot Cards
11: Chokmah to Ketherא Alef10-XXII The Fool
12: Binah to Ketherב Bait2I The Magician
13: Tiphareth to Ketherל Lammed30II The High Priestess
14: Binah to Chokmahמ Mem40III The Empress
15: Tiphareth to Chokmahנ Nun50IV The Emperor
16: Chesed to Chokmahו Vav6V The Hierophant
17: Tiphareth to Binahז Zayin7VI The Lovers
18: Geburah to Binahח Chet8VII The Chariot
19: Geburah to Chesedט Tet9VIII Strength
20: Tiphareth to Chesedי Yud10IX The Hermit
21: Netzach to Chesedכ Kaf20X The Wheel of Fortune
22: Tiphareth to Geburahג Gimmel3XI Justice
23: Hod to Geburahד Dalet4XII The Hanged Man
24: Netzach to Tipharethה Hay5XIII Death
25: Yesod to Tipharethס Samech60XIV Temperance
26: Hod to Tipharethע Ayin70XV The Devil
27: Hod to Netzachפ Peh80XVI The Tower
28: Yesod to Netzachצ Tsadi90XVII The Star
29: Malkuth to Netzachק Kof100XVIII The Moon
30: Yesod to Hodר Resh200XIX The Sun
31: Malkuth to Hodש Shin300XX Judgement
32: Malkuth to Yesodת Tau400XXI The World

To learn how we can be empowered by Tarot & Hebrew letters, read the following post: Meditation & Magick.

Light & Love,
David Lacopo.
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