Tarot, Hebrew Letters & Kabbalah

Tarot, Hebrew Letters & Kabbalah

My personal associations of the paths of the Kabbalah (the Tree of Life), Hebrew Letters and Major Arcana Tarot Cards based on research, meditation sessions and Divine messages received.

My Personal Associations

The paths of the KabbalahHebrew Letters and Numerical ValuesMajor Arcana Tarot Cards
11: Chokmah to Ketherא Alef10-XXII The Fool
12: Binah to Ketherב Bait2I The Magician
13: Tiphareth to Ketherל Lamed30II The High Priestess
14: Binah to Chokmahמ Mem40III The Empress
15: Tiphareth to Chokmahנ Nun50IV The Emperor
16: Chesed to Chokmahו Vav6V The Hierophant
17: Tiphareth to Binahז Zayin7VI The Lovers
18: Geburah to Binahח Chet8VII The Chariot
19: Geburah to Chesedט Tet9VIII Strength
20: Tiphareth to Chesedי Yud10IX The Hermit
21: Netzach to Chesedכ Kaf20X The Wheel of Fortune
22: Tiphareth to Geburahג Gimmel3XI Justice
23: Hod to Geburahד Dalet4XII The Hanged Man
24: Netzach to Tipharethה Hay5XIII Death
25: Yesod to Tipharethס Samech60XIV Temperance
26: Hod to Tipharethע Ayin70XV The Devil
27: Hod to Netzachפ Peh80XVI The Tower
28: Yesod to Netzachצ Tsadi90XVII The Star
29: Malkuth to Netzachק Kof100XVIII The Moon
30: Yesod to Hodר Resh200XIX The Sun
31: Malkuth to Hodש Shin300XX Judgement
32: Malkuth to Yesodת Tau400XXI The World

To learn how we can be empowered by Tarot & Hebrew letters, read the following post: Meditation & Magick.

Light & Love,
David Lacopo.
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