Meditation & Magick

Meditation & Magick

How can Tarot and Hebrew letters empower us?

  • There are 22 Major Arcana cards in a Tarot deck;
  • There are 22 Hebrew Letters;
  • And there are 22 Paths on the Kabbalah (the Tree of Life).

Each Major Arcana card from a Tarot deck is linked with a Hebrew letter and they are then both mapped on the Kabbalah (the Tree of Life). For this post I will solely focus on Tarot and Hebrew letters.

In order to manifest a desire upon this physical realm, we must be empowered with a Divine Energy. We must first understand it, then receive it and finally release it:

  • We must first associate our desire with a Major Arcana Tarot card and Hebrew Letter COMBO.
  • We must then contemplate on the selected Major Arcana card until we are enlightened with Divine Wisdom and Understanding:
    • Be patient with this process as it can take days/weeks/months;
    • If you are not sure how to go about contemplating with a Tarot card, read the following post: Meditation Techniques: Tarot;
    • If you would like to learn more about Tarot cards, read the following post: Tarot: A Basic Understanding.
  • The next step would be to visualize the Hebrew letter in our mind's eye as we repeat the name of the Hebrew letter as a mantra (in silence, every second):
    • Be patient with this process as it can also take days/weeks/months but being familiar with the shape of the Hebrew letter and the silent vibration of its name is essential. Do not rush, never rush but always enjoy;
    • Begin by performing the following meditation technique (5-10 minutes): Breathing and Rhythm: The Third Exercise (counting in our mind);
    • Then remain with your eyes closed and open your mind's eye (third eye);
    • Become aware of the darkness within and without;
    • Approximately one foot ahead of your third eye (not in physical space but within), begin to draw the linked Hebrew letter repeatedly as if painting with bright Divine Light (perform for the same length as the "Breathing and Rhythm" exercise beforehand):
      • Performing Tratak* on the Hebrew letter for a couple of minutes beforehand will help improve your visualization.
    • You should not be painting over the darkness but actually carving out the darkness and letting the Divine Light in your mind through the shape and vibration of the Hebrew letter.
  • Previously, contemplating with the Major Arcana Tarot card filled our mind with Divine Wisdom and Understanding but visualizing and silently sounding the Hebrew letter has now allowed us to "download" the Divine Energy within our physical body;
  • We must now make use of this energy by visualizing our desire coming-to-be:
    • Perform for the same length as the "Breathing and Rhythm" exercise beforehand;
    • Visualize your desire: See it, feel it and believe it!

*Tratak: Starring at an image at an approximate distance of one foot without blinking until a shimmering glow appears over the image. Then close your eyes and focus your mind's eye on the bright image that remains.

Please note that my associations of the paths of the Kabbalah, Hebrew Letters and Major Arcana Tarot Cards differ slightly from the traditional associations. I run through these variations on the following post: Tarot, Hebrew Letters & Kabbalah.

Light & Love,
David Lacopo.
My Spiritual Path:

XIV Temperance and Samech

If we desire balance, peace and harmony within ourselves or within a situation, we would make use of the Major Arcana Tarot card "XIV Temperance" and the Hebrew letter "Samech" (pronounced Samer - do not roll the "r" with the tip of your tongue, pronounce it in the back of your throat).

XIV Temperance
XIV Temperance

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