XIV Temperance

XIV Temperance
XIV Temperance

When you lose your mental and emotional balance or find yourself struggling with stress, anxiety or panic attacks, simply contemplate on the Temperance card for 10 minutes to regain your balance.

Stare at the symbols in the card, the characters, the colors, etc. Question everything about the image, and write down any thoughts, ideas, sensations, or feelings. Allow your mind to drift into the world within the card and tap into the peaceful balanced energy of the Temperance.

Light & Love,
David Lacopo.
My Spiritual Path: https://livingwithinyourself.com/spiritual-path/

The Second Annual Light & Love Tarot Reading Festival
#LLTRF19: Tarot as a Spiritual Tool
Tarot for personal development, spiritual growth and enlightenment - Breaking the misconceptions of Tarot as it is a tool that is greatly misunderstood and mostly associated with divination!

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