Meditation Techniques: Exploring Our Subconsciousness

Meditation Techniques: Exploring Our Subconsciousness

A ten-minute daily meditation practice is essential for maintaining a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.

We should always begin and end a meditation practice with three deep breaths, and with the total awareness of our physical body; starting at our head and ending at our feet. We should also clearly state our intention before beginning a meditation practice.

Meditation Techniques: Exploring Our Subconsciousness

Exploring our subconsciousness can be a frightening and overwhelming experience, but it is extremely efficient in revealing important aspects of ourselves that we need to become aware of and start focusing on:

  • Facing and overcoming our fears;
  • Uncovering underlying causes;
  • Moving further along our path of spiritual growth;
  • Receiving guidance for ourselves and others.

Keep in mind, the subconscious world is not literal; everything is communicated in symbols. Therefore, in order to reveal the true meaning of the message, we must then meditate and contemplate on the symbols discovered during our journey.

Technique #1: Tarot

[Meditation Techniques: Tarot]
We can explore our subconscious by meditating for 10 minutes on the Major Arcana card “XVIII The Moon“.

Technique #2: Crystals

[Meditation Techniques: Crystals]
We can also explore our subconscious by gazing for 10 minutes on a Labradorite sphere, or sleeping with a Labradorite pendant.

Technique #3: Lucid Dreaming

Remaining conscious as our body falls asleep is also another technique to enter into our subconsciousness.

We begin by lying on our back with our palms facing upwards, and our eyes closed. As our body enters a state of deep physical relaxation, it must validate if our mind has fallen asleep before it shuts down and no longer responds to our mind’s commands. It will then send a quick signal to the mind (an itch, an urge, etc.), and wait for a response. If no response is received (we don’t succumb to the urge), the body believes the mind has fallen asleep and also enters a state of sleep. Keeping our body still during this process is extremely important in order to fool it that the mind has fallen asleep. Also, keeping our mind active by repeating a mantra will help us remain focused, not fall asleep, and get through those tempting urges.

This process can be very long, or it can be very quick if we practice it when our body is really tired (exhausted at night), or when it is deeply relaxed (after waking up in the morning).

Sitting Posture

It is preferable to meditate first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, facing east; the rising sun will fill us with Divine energy. If we choose to sit on the floor or on a chair, we are facing east, but if we choose to lie on our back, our head should be pointing east. Every meditation practice should also be adapted to our personal level of comfort.

Sandalwood Incense

Incense will enhance our focus and our meditation experience. Sandalwood is one of the most calming incense and therefore is one of the preferred ones for meditation. It calms the mind, enhances mental clarity, and aids in the opening of the Third Eye.

*Please note, I am not a doctor and I cannot provide medical advice. None of the information I share should be used as a replacement for seeking medical attention.

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