Superstitions – Opening An Umbrella Indoors

Superstitions – Opening An Umbrella Indoors

Are superstitions irrational and ridiculous? Will opening an umbrella indoors bring “BAD LUCK”? Will it actually cast a dark shadow which “MIGHT” attract negative entities to linger around for a while?

Superstitions – Opening An Umbrella Indoors

My wife’s friend came over for supper and brought Christmas presents for our kids on Tuesday, January 13th, 2015.

The presents included 2 Spider-Man umbrellas. Never having seen an umbrella before, our oldest son’s curiosity triggered his excitement and he quickly picked one up and swung it like a sword. Growing up, opening an umbrella indoors was always frowned upon; I was told it would bring “BAD LUCK”. As if programmed deep in my train of thoughts, I carry the same belief today.

Our son then desperately wanted to open the umbrella. Uneasy, we stepped into the garage and I opened it. As I placed the umbrella over my head, a disturbing feeling crept over me. I immediately closed the umbrella and opened the garage door. I’m not quite sure why I thought of doing that, I was probably attempting to fool this “SUPERSTITION” and hoping it would spare me of any “BAD LUCK”.

Three Negative Entities

The night after, I was going in the basement to do a Chakra meditation session but as I walked past the laundry room, one of the shelf units fell apart and crashed onto our washing machine. An eerie feeling overwhelmed me and the desire for a peaceful meditation session had faded away. I opted for a quiet night filled with reading instead.

I went to bed at around midnight and shortly after, I was startled by several ugly looking entities. Every time I closed my eyes, a negative entity would invade my mind; my inner sight. They were obviously trying to frighten me but to my surprise, I had no fear in me; I was actually curious.

I kept closing my eyes and examining them. They weren’t pretty; they were quite disturbing creatures. There were three entities hissing at me. They were short, skinny, very dark greenish-grayish-brownish skin, long pointy ears, and crooked-scattered teeth. One of the entities also had long, thin, and twisted horns.

They stopped hunting me and I fell asleep as soon as they realized that fear had no place in me. It took a while though, not sure they were very “BRIGHT”!

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