Ritual Magick – Warning From The Spiritual Realm

Ritual Magick – Warning From The Spiritual Realm

I received a warning from the spiritual realm 3 months after I had started practicing the Ritual Magick lessons from Donald Michael Kraig’s book “Modern Magick”. My daily practice included: the Relaxation Ritual (RR), the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP), the Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram (BRH), the Advanced Middle Pillar Ritual (A-MPR), the Circulation of the Body of Light Ritual (CBLR), and the Advanced Tarot Contemplation Ritual (A-TCR).

Ritual Magick – A Daily Practice

I started sensing a presence while I was practicing my magick rituals on Tuesday, November 15th, 2016. Not long into my practice, several figures appeared around me, at a distance. They were covered in burgundy-red robes with a yellow-orange under-layer. The figures remained up until I completed my practice and they then quickly vanished.

Later on that week, I experienced something INCREDIBLE! After completing the Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram, I found myself standing within a white glowing sphere; it was extremely bright and pulsating with energy. Flaming blue Pentagrams were at the quarters superimposed by flaming golden Invoking Hexagrams. Suddenly, Divine Light started pouring in from the heavens above filling the sphere as I remained within. I felt the most beautiful, indescribable, powerful Divine energy moving all around me, within me, and through me! I had never felt so good, happy, positive, energized, excited, secured, safe, balanced, and powerful!!!

Three Older Men

Three older men then appeared before me, as I woke in the early morning on Monday, November 21st, 2016. They looked oddly familiar, I thought. They were pleading with me to stop practicing Ritual Magick. I asked them if they were the ones observing me during my magickal practice the previous week and they seemed very surprised, almost shocked! I am sure they were not expecting me to have known I was being watched; they didn’t respond.

They then continued to say that I didn’t defeat the “Dark Shadow” from my past as he cannot be vanquished (if you haven’t read “My Spiritual Path“, now is a good time). He is simply keeping his distance, watching me, contemplating me, waiting for the opportune time. They said magickal practice will make me very powerful but there will be moments of weakness, and during one of these moments, he will strike; a very dangerous outcome.

Although I was greatly enjoying Ritual Magick, I think I made a wise decision to stop practicing it; for now…

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