Premonitions – Daycare in Distress

Premonitions – Daycare in Distress

Are premonitions induced by Angels as they cannot directly interfere with our world? How must an intuitive person respond?

Premonitions – Daycare in Distress

I thought I was going crazy,
As I sat in my office and struggled with my thoughts,
On November 12th, 2013 (Laval, Quebec, Canada).

It was a day just like any other day;
I was highly concentrated,
Working on a business analysis for a client.

Suddenly, a thought came to mind:
The thought was so powerful that my mind went completely BLANK.
For a moment, I couldn’t remember what I had been working on.

As I regained my thoughts, I continued working on my business analysis.
Not long after, my mind was once more invaded by that powerful thought:

I remember being confused;
I was starring at my hands,
Observing my office,
My heart was beating strong,
And everything sounded muffled.
Time felt as if it had drastically slowed down.

I asked myself:
“Is this real,
Am I in a dream?”

Obviously, I flirted with the idea that I was loosing my mind;
I closed my eyes, took a deep breath,
Tried to make sense of what was happening,
And then told myself that I needed to be in control.

After a couple of meditative minutes,
I regained my focus and started working on my analysis again.

Moments later, a feeling of urgency rushed upon me,
Followed by that powerful thought:

“I am crazy!
I am definitely going crazy!!
Am I losing my mind?!?!?!”

I then realized that my one-and-a-half years old son was at daycare…

“Something must have happened!”

The Daycare

I rushed out of the office,
Got in my car,
And drove to my son’s daycare.

Although the daycare was minutes away from the office,
The drive felt as if it had lasted for HOURS!!!

As I got to the daycare, everything was ok;
The daycare wasn’t on fire,
No mad man broke into the daycare,
My son was safe,
And I, was loosing my mind.

I decided to stop off at the pharmacy and then check back with the daycare once more before heading back to the office;
I wasn’t reassured that everything was OK,
But everything turned out to be OK once more,
And I returned to the office in a slight state of SHOCK-CRAZINESS.

That Powerful Thought

As I walked in the office,
One of my employees, who seemed startled,
Ran up to me and asked:
“Is your son at THE DAYCARE?!

My heart sank,
My knees got week,
And pain shot through my lungs;
I couldn’t breathe.
That powerful thought echoed in my mind,
And I,
In disbelief.


“Did you hear what happened?!”

Terrified, and paralyzed, I whispered:
“What happened??”

“An old woman drove through the daycare,
Apparently several kids are injured,
Is your son ok???”

That moment,
That specific moment in time,
I died.


Turned out my employee was referring to another daycare that was just as close to our office;
Just the opposite direction.

An old woman, thinking her car was in reverse, crashed it through the front window of a daycare while the children were taking a nap; three children were transported to the hospital in serious condition, but THANK GOD they all survived!

Is an intuitive person selected to receive premonitions? Are premonitions shared through our collective consciousness? What could I have done in order to prevent what was to come?

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  1. What a powerful experience! I think you did all you could. Naturally, you thought the message pertained to your daycare. That makes sense. That’s the daycare where you have an emotional connection.There are probably dozens of daycares in your area. There was no way for you to know which one or to realistically do anything to prevent what happened.

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