Prayer For Attaining Righteousness

Prayer For Attaining Righteousness

Attaining righteousness is not an impossible task, but it requires great strength, great courage, and great love; we must persevere.

Prayer For Attaining Righteousness

I do not fear anyone or anything,
As the only fear I have,
Is the fear of God.

I follow the Commandments,
And I give Alms – as I give what I have to those who have a greater need for it.

I seek Wisdom – as Wisdom, you are my sister,
And I seek Insight – as Insight, you are my intimate friend.

I shed all materialistic needs,
All materialistic wants,
All sexual temptations,
And all sexual obsessions,
And I do not love pleasure,
As I do not seek to suffer want.


Prayer For Overcoming Fear

God gives me life,
And with this life,
God gives me power;
God gives me light,
And God gives me love.

This life is mine,
And mine it shall remain,
As I stand strong,
And I do not fear.


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