A Prayer for your Child – Life’s Precious Miracle

A Prayer for your Child – Life’s Precious Miracle

A child is the most precious thing in this world. God brings us this wonderful miracle so we may experience his true love; pure love.

A Prayer for your Child

GOD bless our child [CHILD’S NAME],
and thank you for bringing [HIM/HER] into our lives.

[HE/SHE] is our blessing,
[HE/SHE] is our miracle,
And [HE/SHE] is our bundle of joy.

GOD, we cherish our child.

[HE/SHE] is incredible,
[HE/SHE] is wonderful,
[HE/SHE] is beautiful,
[HE/SHE] is loving,
[HE/SHE] is caring,
[HE/SHE] is affectionate,
[HE/SHE] is strong,
[HE/SHE] is smart,
[HE/SHE] is wise,
[HE/SHE] is ambitious,
[HE/SHE] is determined,
[HE/SHE] is exciting,
[HE/SHE] is adventurous,
[HE/SHE] is curious,
[HE/SHE] is eager to learn,
[HE/SHE] is full of light,
[HE/SHE] is full of love,
And GOD, [HE/SHE] is righteous.

GOD we will teach our child everything we know,
And we will give [HIM/HER] the tools
So that [HE/SHE] can learn everything that we are unable to teach [HIM/HER].

GOD bless our child with great courage,
Great confidence,
Great mental health,
Great physical health,
Great emotional health,
And great spiritual health.

GOD be with [HIM/HER] and help [HIM/HER] overcome all fears,
And any obstacles [HE/SHE] might be faced with
In the course of [HIS/HER] lifetime.

GOD we promise to love our child with all our love,
To raise [HIM/HER] on the right path with the fear of GOD,
To always discipline [HIM/HER],
And to always maintain patience with [HIM/HER].

GOD, thank you.


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