My Spiritual Path

My spiritual path

The Dark Night Of The Soul

I had experienced a very dark moment in my childhood; the thought of “nothingness” following our physical life on earth. I remember crying every single night for an entire week refusing to believe in “nothingness”. I can still clearly recall the sight of complete darkness all around me and the terrifying echo’ed thought of “forever, and ever, and ever, nothingness”.

Angelic Experiences

The morning following this week of emotional and mental torture, I woke up with an angelic presence by my side and my mind filled with loving and peaceful understanding. These angelic experiences have continued unexpectedly throughout my childhood and have continued to this day. They sometimes also present themselves as premonitions. The Divine knowledge received has now become the foundation of my understanding on spirituality, the collective consciousness, my soul, the universe, light, and darkness.

At 16, I experienced my first guided meditation session. As I woke on a hot summer day, I was guided by a spiritual presence to remain lying on my back, relaxed, and focused on my breath. I remember reaching a state of pure light and feeling my arms and legs slowly raising. My body became as lite as a feather and it seemed like bubbles formed all around me; I began to float away. Suddenly, fear somehow came over me and I opened my eyes. Not sure if I had been physically levitating or if it was an out-of-body experience but I do clearly remember falling backwards unto my bed. I then spent the following week completely disoriented and mentally unbalanced.

A Dark Path

Later in the summer, I had made a friend who wasn’t the best influence on me; he had introduced me to marijuana. If I had only known that a dark path would have been laid before me as I walked home that very first night.

I was feeling incredibly chill and extremely relaxed, but as I approached my home, I started sensing something eerie; a dark presence I had never sensed before. I slowed my pace, and there he stood waiting for me. Out of the hedges he appeared, as if to greet me; a dark shadow figure. At that very moment, all the light in my life faded, and a dark chapter began. The following 15 years of my life were filled with fears, horrific visions, and countless hauntings; my angel had left me.

My Musical Milestone

At 17, I bought my first electric guitar and the passion quickly set in. As I turned 18, I joined my very first garage band and in a span of 12 years, I had played in several local Montreal bands and have met several life-long friends; including my beautiful wife. In 2005, my band “ONE AWAY” and I performed as the opening act for “BON JOVI” in our hometown Montreal; I had reached my very first musical milestone and my dream truly seemed to be manifesting.

One Aaway & Bon Jovi - 2005

The Crossroad

In 2009, I found myself at “The Crossroad” as we were in studio completing the recording of our first full length album. The dark shadow figure that had been haunting me appeared before me as I woke one morning. He materialized in physical form: he was tall, muscular, wearing what seemed like a black cape, his skin was silky black, his eyes were black with hues of red, he had black horns with tiny red veins, and his aura was simply terrifying. He then took me and brought me on a “ride”.

I was sitting in a roller coaster cart and as I looked below, I saw what seemed like my future: fame, fortune, women, pleasure; I was living my dream! Excitement did overwhelm me up until the ride came to an end and I turned to look behind me. I was traumatized to see my family and my wife’s family sitting there; in terror. He then made me sit and watch them burn. As they disappeared, he waited for an answer; for me to make a choice. I clearly remember getting off the cart and running away, as far as I could have.

I knew I had to leave the band and start a more spiritual life as I had started receiving several spiritual callings. Giving up on my dream was the most painful decision I ever had to make; to this day, my ego is still refusing to let go.

My “Shadow Years” Have Ended

I began studying the Bible; it taught me how to confront and overcome fear and darkness. Reiki healing sessions have also helped me regain my confidence, my balance, and my strength. I then started studying (and forever am) several spiritual topics as: Psychic Development, Crystal Energies, Chakras, Meditation Techniques, the Tarot, the Kabbalah, and Ritual Magick.

Throughout the years, I’ve had some incredible experiences while meditating with crystals; from premonitions, to communications with Divine beings, to leaving my physical body behind, reconnecting with my soul, and reaching a state of pure bliss; also known as enlightenment.

I am now living on a spiritual path, the path that was laid before me as a child; the light has returned in my life, and in 2011, I experienced my most powerful calling: The Seal of Temptation.

Tarot has now become one of my greatest passions, and I am being called upon to empower the public with the knowledge and tools of the Divine; exposing the true powers of Tarot!

Tarot is a tool that is greatly misunderstood and mostly associated with divination, but its true purpose moves far beyond the realm of fortune telling; personal development, spiritual growth, and enlightenment, are some of the true benefits one can gain from the personal use of Tarot. Being conscious of our health and wellness, physical and spiritual, is the undeniable essence which will empower us to make a difference in this world.

Light & Love,
David Lacopo (

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