Know Thyself, Know Thy Path: Reach the joys and freedom your life has to offer.

Know Thyself, Know Thy Path: Reach the joys and freedom your life has to offer.

Our journey begins once we find our true self and take our first step on our Divine Path. It is a personal journey within and one that must be taken alone, but its rewards are boundless!

I spent several years studying the Holy Bible and suppressing my spiritual gifts as I always struggled with the teaching of never seeking divination or spiritual guidance. I mainly struggled with this teaching as I didn’t know what to make of the countless spiritual experiences I’ve had since I was a child; I had been regularly visited by an Angelic presence bringing forth wisdom, understanding and premonitions.

Everything finally started falling into place and making sense after I read the Kybalion and the Sefer Yetzirah as these books were somewhat familiar on the first reading. I then realized how some of their teachings were part of the wisdom and understanding I had been receiving from my regular encounter with the Angelic presence.

I now understand that one should never grow dependent or seek spiritual guidance from others as we all have the spiritual gift within; we should all develop a direct personal relationship with the Divine. As some are born “gifted”, others simply need to nurture their intuition with a little Light and Love.

I will soon be offering a series of classes in the Greater Montreal region to help nurture these gifts as there are several spiritual practices available for personal development, spiritual growth and enlightenment (i.e.: meditation, contemplation, visualization, mantras, affirmations, crystals, Tarot, etc.).

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Lead a righteous life, give alms in secrecy, overcome all fears, master your emotions, be mindful, realign your physical body with your mental, emotional & spiritual bodies and maintain a healthy balance with your Soul & Ego.

Upcoming Classes:

Un après-midi pour apprendre l'art de la méditation.

Rejoignez-nous dans un environnement paisible et tranquille afin de voyager à l'intérieur de notre être pour découvrir notre lumière divine.

Nous aurons l’occasion d'apprendre plusieurs techniques de méditation nous permettant d'atteindre plusieurs niveaux de conscience. Nous aurons aussi l'occasion de travailler avec plusieurs outils spirituels tels que des cristaux, un bol chantant tibétain, un Gong et bien plus encore!


An afternoon to delve into the art of meditation.

Join us in a peaceful and loving environment as we breathe our way deep within our inner self and uncover the light that shines within.

We will have the opportunity to experience several levels of consciousness as we move through a wide range of meditation practices and spiritual tools such as crystals, a Tibetan singing bowl, a Gong and much more!

Light and Love,
David Lacopo.
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