0-XXII The Fool

0-XXII The Fool
0-XXII The Fool

Major Arcana: 0-XXII The Fool

My personal interpretation of The Fool card based on several meditation & contemplation sessions:

  • Our infinite Soul, crossing the gates of Heaven and returning home after successfully completing the physical experience of Light & Darkness;
  • The consciousness of life;
  • Releasing all materialistic needs;
  • Enjoying life's simple pleasures;
  • Carrying little on our shoulders, taking things lightly and enjoying each experience life has to offer;
  • Do not be reckless or an extremist and do not desperately hold onto this physical realm;
  • My courage and my strength is a wolf walking by my side;
  • I am all that is, all there is, and we are all of the single spark of light;
  • Nothing can stand in our way or take away our sense of joy and freedom once we have been enlightened and have seen beyond the veil.

Hebrew Letter: Alef

My personal interpretation of the Hebrew letter Alef based on several meditation & contemplation sessions:

  • The Fool (0-XXII) is also within all other Major Arcana cards (I-XXI) as Alef is also within every word we speak. It is the silence before every spoken sound, it is the breath, it is life;
  • A natural balance of the mind and emotions, allowing our Soul to live and experience life;
  • A beginning and an ending, the only way of Life;
  • Divine Light, Divine Love, Pure Spirit;
  • A breath of fresh air that fills our lungs and makes us feel alive.
The Kabbalah - The Fool

The Sephiroth on the Tree of Life (Kabbalah)

The 11th Path which connects Chokmah to Kether.

Chokmah - Wisdom:

  • In Light: Devotion;
  • All Kings;
  • 2 of Wands: Dominion;
  • 2 of Cups: Partnership;
  • 2 of Swords: Diplomacy;
  • 2 of Pentacles: Balance;
  • The Right Pillar - The Pillar of Mercy:
    Divine Masculine, Positive (magnetic term), Projective.
  • The World of Beriah:
    Creation - Water - Accessible through meditation.

Kether - The Crown:

  • In Light: Completion of The Great Work, Attainment;
  • Ace of Wands: Source of the power of Fire;
  • Ace of Cups: Source of the power of Water;
  • Ace of Swords: Source of the power of Air;
  • Ace of Pentacles: Source of the power of Earth;
  • The Middle Pillar - The Pillar of Equilibrium:
    Balance, Neutral (magnetic term), Duality, Harmony.
  • The World of Atziluth:
    Origins - Fire - Accessible through Contemplation;
    The Consciousness of the Universe - Pure Energy.

Tarot: A Basic Understanding

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