Meditation Techniques: Tarot

Meditation Techniques: Tarot

Learning basic meditation techniques to restore and maintain a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance: Tarot. A ten minutes daily meditation practice is essential for leading a positive lifestyle:

  • Remaining at peace with ourselves and everyone around us;
  • Remaining in control of our thoughts and emotions;
  • Reaching higher states of consciousness;
  • Relaxing our state of mind;
  • Manifesting our true desires;
  • Raising our vibration;
  • Reconnecting with our ego and soul;
  • Realizing we dwell within a physical body; we are not the physical body.

Meditation Techniques: Tarot

Every meditation practice should start and should end with three deep breaths, and with the total awareness of our physical body. We should also clearly state our intention before beginning a meditation practice. In order to remain grounded, coming out of a meditation practice should always be peaceful; slowly bringing back our focus to our physical body, starting at our head, and ending at our feet. The exercise below should be practiced after performing the Golden Light Visualization technique.

The Truth Isn’t “OUT THERE”, The Truth Is Within!

The future can always be changed, as it is forever being shaped by our unconscious, by our thoughts & actions, by our fears & doubts, and by our hopes & dreams. A Tarot reading can give us a glimpse of where we are headed, but Tarot is so much more than a fortune telling tool!

  • Tarot is about understanding yourself and taking control of your life;
  • It’s about understanding why things happen, what you need to learn from them, and what you need to start doing about them;
  • Growth, it’s also about learning from your past mistakes and reaching your highest potential;
  • If you seek guidance, if you seek enlightenment, or if you’re simply unable to find answers, Tarot is for you!

Meditating with Tarot Cards will yield powerful and magickal benefits; it will help us shape our future, and manifest our true desires!

The Concentration And Contemplation Technique

Clear your mind, and stare at a Major Arcana Card (5 to 10 minutes). Concentrate, and contemplate the symbols, the characters, the colors, etc. Write down any thoughts, ideas, sensations, or feelings.

Major Arcana – Structure Of Human Consciousness

The 22 Major Arcana Cards represent the individual qualities that make us human; they carry deep meanings, and powerful influences.

THE BODY – CONSCIOUSNESS – THE MIDDLE WORLD: How we perceive life and society.

  • I The Magician – Creativity, Manifestation, Divine Energy;
  • II The High Priestess – Intuition, Divination, Spiritual Knowledge;
  • III The Empress – Unconditional Love, Nurturance, Selflessness;
  • IV The Emperor – Power, Control, Structure;
  • V The Hierophant – Guidance, Teachings, Eternal Wisdom;
  • VI The Lovers – Relationships, Opportunities, Pleasure, Choices (the Light Path or the Dark Path);
  • VII The Chariot – Success, Pure Righteous Will, Personal Boundaries.


THE MIND – SUBCONSCIOUSNESS – THE UNDERWORLD: Searching inward to find out who we truly are.

  • VIII Strength – Inner Strength, Higher Consciousness, Great Courage;
  • IX The Hermit – Contemplation, Personal Development, Soul-Searching;
  • X Wheel Of Fortune – Change, Luck, Transcendence;
  • XI Justice – Truth, Peace, Consequences;
  • XII The Hanged Man – Discipline, Perspective, Enlightenment;
  • XIII Death – Growth, Purification, Transformation;
  • XIV Temperance – Health, Focus, Patience.


THE SOUL – SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS – THE UPPER WORLD: Developing our spiritual awareness.

  • XV The Devil – Obsessions, Temptations, Deceptions – the products of our inner-demons;
  • XVI The Tower – Chaos, Destruction, New Opportunities;
  • XVII The Star – Hope, Faith, Confidence;
  • XVIII The Moon – Fears, Mysteries, Subconsciousness;
  • XIX The Sun – Joy, Happiness, Bliss;
  • XX Judgement – Realization, Awakening, Spiritual Calling;
  • XXI The World – Accomplishment, Fulfillment, Celebration.


INVOLUTION: The descent of the Spirit into Matter.
EVOLUTION: The gradual return of the emanated forces to their common principle.

  • XXII The Fool – Divinity, Eternity, Our Infinite Soul – Crossing the gates of heaven and returning home after successfully completing our physical experience of darkness.


Life Purpose, Soul Energy, and Shadow/Teacher/Sun Sign/Year Cards

Following Mary K. Greer’s teachings on identifying our Soul’s energy and the energy of our Life Purpose (Tarot For Your Self), we can also identify KEY Major Arcana Cards to use in our meditation practice.

LIFE PURPOSE: What we have come into this particular lifetime to learn.
To identify our Life Purpose, we must apply the “Theosophical Addition and Reduction” principle to our date of birth (E.g.: February 21, 1979 = 02 + 21 + 1979 = 2002 = 2 + 0 + 0 + 2 = 4). My Life Purpose is “IV The Emperor”. If the resulting number is above 22, reduce the number once more (example: 24 = 2 + 4 = 6).

SOUL ENERGY: Our true spiritual identity.
If our Life Purpose is below 10, we will share the same Major Arcana Card for our Soul Energy (Duality). My Soul Energy is also “IV The Emperor”. If our Life Purpose is above 9, we must reduce the number once more (example: 18 = 1 + 8 = 9). If our Life Purpose is 19, our Life Purpose and our Soul Energy will be the following three cards combined: “XIX The Sun”, “X The Wheel of Fortune”, and “I The Magician”.

When our Life Purpose and Soul Energy are identical, our current lifetime is extremely important as we are working directly with our soul towards our soul’s growth. We are also responsible for using our Archetypal energy to teach and guide those around us; we are that special missing ingredient that they require in their lives.

SHADOW YEARS (0-30 years old): Fears that can become our greatest strengths.
We live in our SHADOW years until the age of 30. During these years, our inner-demons are manifested, and we can experience the darkest days of our lives.

TEACHER YEARS (30+ years old): How we can consciously confront our fears and overcome obstacles.
As we turn 30, we start learning from the lessons experienced during our Shadow Years, and start finding our inner-strength to overcome our inner-demons, but overcoming our inner-demons is only half the battle; teaching our loved ones how to overcome theirs is our real challenge! Darkness, through the weakness of our loved ones, will always find a way to cast its shadow upon us.


If our Life Purpose is above 13 and below 19, we will experience who we truly are with Trust and Fascination. We therefore do not require a Shadow Card or a Teacher Card. My Teacher Cards are “XIII Death” and “XXII The Fool”.

Life Purpose Soul Energy Shadow / Teacher Cards
1 1 “X The Wheel Of Fortune” & “XIX The Sun”
10 1 “XIX The Sun”
19 1 “X The Wheel Of Fortune” (always a Teacher Card, even in your Shadow Years)
2 2 “XI Justice / Strength” & “XX Judgement”
11 2 “XX Judgement”
20 2 “XI Justice / Strength”
3 3 “XII The Hanged Man” & “XXI The World”
12 3 “XXI The World”
21 3 “XII The Hanged Man”
4 4 “XIII Death” & “XXII The Fool”
13 4 “XXII The Fool”
22 4 “XIII Death”
5 5 “XIV Temperance”
14 5 n/a
6 6 “XV The Devil”
15 6 n/a
7 7 “XVI The Tower”
16 7 n/a
8 8 “XVII The Star”
17 8 n/a
9 9 “XVIII The Moon”
18 9 n/a


SUN SIGN CARD: What we need for self-expression.
My Sun Sign Card is “XVIII The Moon”.

  • Aries – IV The Emperor
  • Taurus – V The Hierophant
  • Gemini – VI The Lovers
  • Cancer – VII The Chariot
  • Leo – VIII Strength / Justice
  • Virgo – IX The Hermit
  • Libra – XI Justice / Strength
  • Scorpio – XIII Death
  • Sagittarius – XIV Temperance
  • Capricorn – XV The Devil
  • Aquarius – XVII The Star
  • Pisces – XVIII The Moon


YEAR CARD: What we will learn and experience in a particular year.
To identify our Year Card, we must add together our month, and day of birth with the reference year. February 21, 2018 = 02 + 21 + 2018 = 2041 = 2 + 0 + 4 + 1 = 7. My 2018 Year Card is “VII The Chariot”.

XIV Temperance

XIV Temperance

Struggling with Obsessions, Temptations, Addictions, or Cravings?
Meditating with the “XIV Temperance” card for 10 minutes will help you overcome these urges!


20 minutes daily meditation practice.
Meditate on the Major Arcana Card for 10 minutes to tap into the Human Consciousness Energy that is necessary to manifest our true desire. Then, meditate on the Minor Arcana Card for 10 minutes to manifest the Physical Experience we truly desire:

Finding Love
MA: VI The Lovers, mA: 2 of Cups
Finding Love

Finding Success
MA: VII The Chariot, mA: 6 of Wands
Finding Success

Finding Strength
MA: VIII Strength, mA: 10 of Wands
Finding Strength

Finding Balance
MA: XIV Temperance, mA: 4 of Swords
Finding Balance

Finding Happiness
MA: XIX The Sun, mA: 10 of Cups
Finding Happiness

Sitting Posture

It is preferable to meditate first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, facing east; the rising sun will fill us with Divine energy. If we choose to sit on the floor or on a chair, we are facing east, but if we choose to lie on our back, our head should be pointing east. Every meditation practice should also be adapted to our personal level of comfort.

Sandalwood Incense

Incense will enhance our focus and our meditation experience. Sandalwood is one of the most calming incense and therefore is one of the preferred ones for meditation. It calms the mind, enhances mental clarity, and aids in the opening of the Third Eye.

*Please note, I am not a doctor and I cannot provide medical advice. None of the information I share should be used as a replacement for seeking medical attention.


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