My Spiritual Family Tree – Tarot Archetypes

My Spiritual Family Tree – Tarot Archetypes

Following Mary K. Greer’s teachings on identifying our soul’s energy and the energy of our life purpose (Tarot for your self), I have created the following Spiritual Family Tree using the birth dates, zodiac, and the Tarot Archetypes of all my family members.

My Spiritual Family Tree


Birth Dates, Zodiac, Tarot Archetypes

Using our birth date, zodiac, and the Tarot Archetypes, we can identify our soul’s energy and the energy of our life purpose. If our soul’s purpose and the purpose of our life are identical, our current lifetime is extremely important for our soul’s growth; we are actually living a life in tune with our soul’s desires and guidance.

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ZODIAC (SUN SIGN): What is needed for self-expression.
SOUL PURPOSE (SP): Your true spiritual identity.
LIFE PURPOSE (LP): What you have come into this particular lifetime to learn.
DUALITY (LP=SP): When your soul’s purpose and the purpose of your life are identical, your current lifetime is extremely important as you are directly working with your soul towards your soul’s growth. You are also responsible for using your archetypal energy to teach, guide, and influence those around you; you are that special missing ingredient that they require in their lives.
TRINITY: The union of 3 archetypal energies / The ZODIAC energy linked with the DUALITY energy.
DYNAMIC FORCE: A unique family member will carry the dynamic energy that is necessary in order to restore & maintain balance and inspire spiritual development.
HEXAGRAM: The union of opposites. “As above, so below.”
SHADOW (S): Fears that can become your greatest strengths (0-30 years old). We live in our SHADOW years until the age of 30. During these years we experience the darkest days of our lives.
TEACHER (T): How you can consciously confront your fears and overcome obstacles (30+ years old). As we turn 30, we start learning from the lessons experienced during our SHADOW years, and start finding our inner-strength to overcome our inner-demons.
NIGHT-TIME (N): How we experience who we truly are, with trust and fascination (XIV, XV, XVI, XVII, XVIII).

Major Arcana – Tarot Archetypes

Spiritual Family Tree : Energies of the Soul and Life Purpose

I The Magician – Creation and Manifestation:
You have the gift of “Divine Energy”.
Do not hold on to it; learn how to express it creatively.

II The High Priestess – Intuition and Divination:
You have the gift of “Spiritual Guidance”.
Do not be materialistic; learn how to harness your spiritual power.

III The Empress – Love and Nurturance:
You have the gift of “Unconditional love”.
Do not be inconsiderate; learn how to be selfless.

IV The Emperor – Power and Control:
You have the gift of “Greatness”; you triumph over all obstacles.
Do not rule over people; learn how to rule over life.
Seek and maintain righteousness.

V The Hierophant – Guidance and Teaching:
You have the gift of “Eternal Wisdom”.
Do not be misleading; learn how to speak the truth.

VI The Lovers – Relationships and Choices:
You have the gift of “Opportunities”.
Do not act impulsively; learn how to control your emotions.

VII The Chariot – Success and Mastery:
You have the gift of “Perseverance”.
Do not abuse your power; learn how to remain humble.

VIII Strength – Inner Strength and Harmony:
You have the gift of “Great Courage”.
Do not doubt your spiritual strength; learn how to access it through your subconsciousness.

IX The Hermit – Concentration and Contemplation:
You have the gift of “Simplicity”.
Do not be selfish; learn how to be in tune with yourself and others’ needs.

Major Arcana – Tarot Archetypes

Spiritual Family Tree : Energies of the Life Purpose

X Wheel Of Fortune – Change and Luck:
Do not be resistant to change; learn how to welcome it graciously.

XI Justice – Truth and Righteousness:
Do not follow the path of darkness; learn how to accept consequences.

XII The Hanged Man – Perspective and Enlightenment:
Do not conceal your true identity; learn how raise your consciousness and look at life from a different perspective.

XIII Death – Growth and Transformation:
Do not carry your vices forward; learn how to shed all that no longer serves you.

XIV Temperance – Health and Balance:
Do not overwhelm yourself with desires; learn how to enjoy a simple life.

XV The Devil – Obsessions and Temptations:
Do not indulge in pleasures; learn how to see past the deceptions.

XVI The Tower – Chaos and Opportunity:
Do not suppress your feelings; learn how to accept the inevitable outcome.

XVII The Star – Hope and Faith:
Do not be concerned with anything; learn how to increase your confidence.

XVIII The Moon – Fears and Subconsciousness:
Do not fear the unknown; learn how to see through the deceptions.

XIX The Sun – Joy and Happiness:
Do not look to the past; learn how to head towards a brighter future.

XX Judgement – Accountability and Realization:
Do not ignore your spiritual calling; learn how to live a fulfilling life.

XXI The World – Accomplishment and Fulfilment:
Do not restrain yourself from celebrating; learn how to take time to unwind.

0 The Fool – Divinity and Eternity – Crossing the gates of heaven and returning home after successfully completing our physical experience of darkness:
Do not be reckless, do not be an extremist, and do not desperately hold onto this physical world; learn how to see beyond this realm.
Enjoy every experience Life has to offer.



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