My Spiritual Family Tree – Tarot Archetypes

My Spiritual Family Tree – Tarot Archetypes

Following Mary K. Greer’s teachings on identifying our soul’s energy and the energy of our life purpose (Tarot for your self), I have created the following Spiritual Family Tree using the birth dates, zodiac, and the Tarot Archetypes of all my family members.

My Spiritual Family Tree


Birth Dates, Zodiac, Tarot Archetypes

Using our birth date, zodiac, and the Tarot Archetypes, we can identify our soul’s energy and the energy of our life purpose. If our soul’s purpose and the purpose of our life are identical, our current lifetime is extremely important for our soul’s growth; we are actually living a life in tune with our soul’s desires and guidance.

Interested in learning how your family’s energies connect on a spiritual level?
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