Superstitions – Opening An Umbrella Indoors

Superstitions – Opening An Umbrella Indoors

Are superstitions irrational and ridiculous? Will opening an umbrella indoors bring “BAD LUCK”? Will it actually cast a dark shadow which “MIGHT” attract negative entities to linger around for a while?

Superstitions - Opening an umbrella indoors

Superstitions – Opening An Umbrella Indoors

My wife’s friend came over for supper and brought Christmas presents for our kids on Tuesday, January 13th 2015.

The presents included 2 Spider-Man umbrellas. Never having seen an umbrella before, our oldest son’s curiosity triggered his excitement and he quickly picked one up and swung it like a sword. Growing up, opening an umbrella indoors was always frowned upon; I was told it would bring “BAD LUCK”. As if programmed deep in my train of thoughts, I carry the same belief today.

Our son then desperately wanted to open the umbrella. Uneasy, we stepped into the garage and I opened it. As I placed the umbrella over my head, a disturbing feeling crept over me. I immediately closed the umbrella and opened the garage door. I’m not quite sure why I thought of doing that, I was probably attempting to fool this “SUPERSTITION” and hoping it would spare me of any “BAD LUCK”.

Three Negative Entities

The night after, as I was getting ready for a Chakra meditation session, I walked passed the garage door and the shelf unit which was hung in our laundry room fell apart and crashed onto our washing machine. An eerie feeling overwhelmed me and the desire for a peaceful meditation session had faded away. I opted for a quiet night filled with reading instead.

I went to bed at around midnight and shortly after, I was startled by several ugly looking entities. Every time I closed my eyes, a negative entity would invade my mind; my inner sight. They were obviously trying
to frighten me but to my surprise, I had no fear in me; I was actually curious.

I kept closing my eyes and examining them. They weren’t pretty; they were quite disturbing creatures. There were three entities hissing at me. They were short, skinny, very dark greenish-grayish-brownish skin, long pointy ears, and crooked-scattered teeth. One of the entities also had long, thin, and twisted horns.

They stopped hunting me and I fell asleep as soon as they realized that fear had no place in me. It took a while though, not sure they were very “BRIGHT”!


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