Manifestation, Healing, And Protection Prayers

Manifestation, Healing, And Protection Prayers

Our thoughts have a great impact on our lives. These manifestation, healing, and protection prayers will help you fill your mind with positive thoughts, and attract the loving life we all seek to live; feel it, believe it!

My Beautiful Life - Manifestation Prayer

Manifestation, Healing, And Protection Prayers

My Beautiful Life

I have a beautiful life,
And I have a beautiful family;
We live long, healthy, and happy lives together,
Filled with an abundance of wealth & prosperity, success, and all good things.

I am loving,
I am caring,
I am affectionate,
I am faithful,
I am righteous,
I am patient,
I am strong,
I am healthy,
I am happy,
And I am balanced.

I am a person of dignity and worth,
Mentally in control of my emotions,
And I am destined for greatness.

I am Light,
And I am Love.


Angels, Guardian Angels, and Archangels

Angels, Guardian Angels, and Archangels,
Thank you for watching over [NAME YOUR LOVED ONES] and I,
And also for watching over our families and friends.

Please keep us healthy [visualize your body filled with Divine Light and Love],
Safe [visualize the Light and Love within expanding and forming a protective sphere around your body],
And out of harm’s way [visualize the sphere quickly expanding to the ends of the universe].

Thank you.


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