Prayer for the Almighty – the “LORD of hosts”

Prayer for the Almighty – the “LORD of hosts”

God, our Almighty Father, remains unknown to those who seek a visual glimpse of his eternal reign. Although God is all around us, he also dwells within us; and those who seek within, shall find his loving grace.

Prayer for the Almighty

Prayer for the Almighty

Bless you GOD, the Father Almighty – Creator of Heaven and Earth,
And blessed be your glorious name:
“I AM, THAT I AM”, Selah.

Bless you Lord Jesus Christ our Savior.
Thank you Lord for watching over [SPOUSE’S NAME], [CHILDREN’S NAMES], and I,
And also for helping us remain on the right path.

Bless you Saint-Joseph.
Thank you for helping us overcome all negativity, all evil influences,
And all evil temptations.

Bless you Saint-Michael.
Thank you for helping us conquer and destroy all evil,
And all demons.

Bless you Saint-Gabriel.
Thank you for protecting us,
And reinforcing us with God’s White Light and Love.

Bless you Saint-Raphael.
Thank you for healing us,
And keeping us healthy, safe, and out of harm’s way.

And bless you Mother Mary.
Thank you for your love,
And guidance.



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